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Well, apparently the rape van does indeed travel.

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First Post, for future referance, be prepared for rants.

Okay, I just joined and I read over your rules. So I might as well say, watch out for trigger words.

I'm 15, I go to high school and live so close to Detroit that I just tell people that I live in Detroit. I can't stand guys my own age. I swear I can't have anything to do with them. I can only find feelings for much older men. And I know why.

When I was eight, my family (mom, dad, brother) all went to one of those family campgrounds that was right on the edge of a lake. Well, I was stupid when I was little. I always liked to go play with kids way older than me. I loved attention. It got me the worst thing ever.

One of the older kids was a teenager named Nick. He was probably about 15 or 16, and he had seemed nice. We played in the water, me in my bathing suit, him in trunks. My mom was on the beach talking with people and my dad had gone fishing with my brother. He asked me to come see something with him in the woods. I was a total bimbo and went with him. My mom never noticed that I was gone.

I think you need not for me to say what happened.

I can't stand guys my own age. I always see Nick when I look at them. I'm considered a 'freak, outkast, goth' at school. I don't care what those idiots say, they're all Nick.
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