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Dealing with the demons...

Is no easy task

~* A Support Community For All *~
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This is just an intro to let you know what to come to expect here at Mikomi. (General FAQ, of sorts.)

Who are you?

I am dissasterific, one of your main resident cooky Moderators. This is the first real community I've started that actually *means* something to me. Besides all that, I am here to be a guide, of sorts. ^^

What is this community?

This is an LJ extension of the message board I started for teens, originally, then I broadened it to all people. (See below description.)

What are you here for? What is this community about?

Mikomi is here to help with people of all ages have a place to come and talk about such issues as eating disorders, cutters (and cutting) rape/molestation, school/life/family troubles, depression, and many other topics.

This LJ is in conjunction with my website. I think of Mikomi as my baby. XD


There is two, and only two rules to this community. Break it, and I break you.... BAN you. Plain and simple, so pay attention.

1.) There will be no, and I mean NO tolerence of flaming. Bottom line, point blank. We're dealing with some serious things here in this community and the last thing we need is people dissin' each other.

2.) If someone posts for tips on how to kill themselves and you comment, you're gone. This is not what we're about here.

That's it on the main offending rules...


If you're posting about cutting and you think it might be a trigger for someone else. (Because when that person sees the word, they might harm themselves or feel the urge to by looking at the particular word.)

... Do an lj cut or say "possible trigger words in this entry," so people will look out and be aware of it.



Wanna join the team? Email me: project_mikomi@yahoo.com


That said, enjoy your stay here and if you aren't playing on staying, YOU SHOULD STAY, because we'd love to have you, and I'd love to have you. *huggles* <3333

That's all lovelies~