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Okay, new girl here. I'll put the rest of this post behind an lj-cut, because I don't know how long it will be, or what exactly it will contain.

Alrighty, then. My name is Abigail, or Abbey, whichever one you choose. I am 16, and I am a senior at Northwood High School, in NC, USA.

Let's see... what else? I have three cats (actually, only one is technically MINE): Spectrum (my main man. he's so sweet, an absolute ragdoll, but he can get mean if he's in a bad mood), Merlin, who's another sweetie, but he's skittish, and Sheba. Sheba is a very aloof, TINY little girl, but she can be sweet when she wants to be.

I love music; I go through phases, actually. Right now, I'm in my techno/trance phase. However, I do have one genre that I never get tired of: classic rock! Anyway...

I'm an artist. I suppose. I go through phases with my art, as well. Right now I'm in my ceramics phase. I'm really into sculpting, at the moment. I suppose it's a little weird for me to be an artist, because I have such an analytical, logical mind, but maybe, in a way, it does make sense. I plan on attending a fine arts college, if I can actually motivate myself to try. I'm told that I'm VERY smart (I got a 1590 on my PSAT (haven't taken the SAT,yet)), but I'm just... well, unmotivated. Some crazy shit happened in my past that may be the cause of that. I don't know what, though, because I can't really remember anything before age ten or eleven. My family members know, but no one really wants to talk about their past... *sigh*

I am a self-injurer. I will not be dishonest about that.

I really don't know what exactly I'll do to meet my goals; I've never really met any anyway. I get discouraged easily, I guess...

Anyway, that's me. I had more to say, but I don't remember what it was, so I'll finish this post.
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